Mobility issues should not deter you from living the life you had always wanted. Thanks to electric wheelchairs, moving around is a lot easier, as they give you the power to travel independently whenever you wish, without any inconvenience. 

Electric wheelchairs come in different shapes, sizes, and capacities, depending on your requirement. To help you in choosing the right model, we have listed below some key points that you must look out for. 


Weight & Size

While searching for wheelchairs, you will come across the heavy-duty models, as well as the lightweight ones. The sturdy ones have a larger capacity, so they can easily support the weight of a grown-up, without compromising on functionality. Another crucial factor is the size of the chair. While choosing a wheelchair, keep in mind the person who will be using it, so that while riding on it, the person feels safe and comfortable. 


If you are a traveler at heart, we are quite sure that you would prefer an electric wheelchair with a good speed. The speed range of these rides is determined keeping in mind the safety of the passenger as well as the pedestrians. So if you wish to pick a chair with an impressive speed, you can totally go for it!


Nowadays, most electric wheelchair scooters are foldable, so that you can easily carry them around while you’re traveling. However, the portable models aren’t as sturdy as the regular, full-sized ones. They are quite lightweight, and considerably smaller in size, to make them travel-friendly. 

Battery Backup 

The primary reason that you go for an electric scooter is that it allows you to be independent. The battery backup is the most crucial aspect of this ride, so it goes without saying that you must choose one with an amazing battery capacity. At most, you can travel up to 25 miles after fully charging the wheelchair, which is quite a good deal!

So while looking for electric wheelchairs for sale or rental, don’t forget to consider these factors. Pick the right one for you, and move about everywhere all by yourself!