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Infusing timeless appeal into elegant designs, luxury watches are a class apart. Harmonizing brilliant craftsmanship with ethereal styles, a true luxury watch is sure to bedazzle you as you glance upon it.

They boast of long antiquity that has led them to become precious treasures in the world of watches. They are never simply an accessory, rather each of them is a carefully crafted piece of art that connoisseurs all over the world strive to own. 

Wondering who are these watch moguls ruling the world? Let’s take a look at the top 3 luxury watch brands that you must know about. 

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Established in 1858 (as La Generale Watch Co.), this Swiss watch brand carries a proud heritage that makes it one of the top luxury watch companies in the world. From James Bond to Prince William, the world of celebrities can never stop adoring the beauty and aesthetic appeal of a classic Omega. A perfect combination of brilliant engineering and ethereal designs make them almost irresistible for watch aficionados.


The Swiss watch brand Rolex (established in 1905) crafts exceptionally designed mechanical watches that reflect their outstanding engineering and flawless craftsmanship. Most of their watches are hand-polished to achieve an immaculate finish. From white gold dials to premium platinum numbers carved on the watch, you can never get enough of the luxurious build of a classic Rolex watch. 

Vacheron Constantin

While speaking of Swiss Luxury watches, you cannot miss out on Vacheron Constantin. Here fine workmanship meets exuberant designs, carrying along with the legacy of more than three centuries. The watches have a luxurious touch of expensive metals such as gold, platinum, and diamonds, to name a few. Each watch is crafted with individual attention by their expert watchmakers, making them all the more valuable. 

Luxury watches are not only a statement-maker, but in terms of investment, they offer a pretty impressive deal. With the prices and demand for these brands soaring high every day, having one of these watches in your collection would be a wise choice if you’re in for the long haul. 

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