We live in a world of technology and innovation and it would be a wasted opportunity if we didn’t apply it one area of our lives that is really important – our health. All of the mobile devices we have today are designed in such a way that they provide users with fast feedback on the different issues that are important to us.

This is why it’s not surprising that there are a lot of health-related and medical apps that are top of the download charts. All of these different health-related apps perform different functions, some of them essentially just encouraging a healthy lifestyle, some helping to find the best prices for prescription drugs, while other apps help in analyzing symptoms.

It is essential that health-related and medical apps should not be depended on as a replacement for proper medical treatment and professional diagnosis. All these apps are intended to be used as useful tools that assist you in bridging the knowledge gap in one area that is very important to your well-being. Discussed here are some of the best mobile apps that can help you keep track of your health:


This is one of the most popular health-related apps, and is also one of the most sophisticated. The WebMD app offers its services on a 24/7 basis, meaning that it’s always available for use. This app provides its users access to a huge variety of information related to health and also tools for decision-making support.

The WebMD mobile app has a lot of features that can help you with tracking your health. Some of the features include a list of the health providers in your locality, treatment and drug descriptions, first aid essentials and a symptom checker. It is also possible for you to personalize the WebMD mobile app and store your family’s health information. There is constant availability as a result of offline access.

The best thing about the WebMD mobile app is that it is totally free, so you don’t need to pay to enjoy all of the features of the app. The WebMD mobile app is available for Android and iOS.


This is a mobile app that acts as a shop for anything to do with pharmaceuticals. The iPharmacy mobile app basically helps you to identify different pharmaceutical products, ensuring that you get the very best price possible for your refills and prescriptions, and keeping you in the know about all of the latest information and news about drug alerts and recalls. It also provides you with guidance on how to take your medication.

The iPharmacy mobile app also allows you to email or export information from the mobile app to pharmacists and doctors. The iPharmacy mobile app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and at no cost at all.

Instant Heart Rate

The Instant Heart Rate mobile app makes use of your smartphone camera to detect your fingertip pulse and uses this to provide an instant read-out of your heart rate. It’s also possible for the user to store this data or sync it with any Azumio account online to then download the data to other available applications.

There is a pro version of the Instant Heart Rate mobile app that is totally ad-free and also allows you store more than five different measurements. The iPhone version can also provide you with your heart rate on a graph.

The Instant Heart Rate mobile app is available on different platforms like the Windows phone, Android and iOS. This mobile app comes at a small cost of $0.99, which is considered good value for the services it provides.

Glucose Buddy

The Glucose Buddy mobile app is the perfect mobile app to assist you in managing your diabetes. It allows you to enter and track your carbohydrate consumption, glucose number, exercise, insulin dosages, and every other activity that is critical to the stabilisation of your condition.

The Glucose Buddy mobile app automatically syncs all of your data to your own online account, so you will be reminded by notification any time you need to input any additional data.

The Glucose Buddy mobile app is available on platforms like Android and iOS, and is absolutely free for use.

Quit Smoking Pro

The Quit Smoking Pro mobile app is a personal coach that helps you to stop smoking and finally kick your smoking habit forever. This app notifies you of the amount of money you have saved by not smoking, sets targets for you, and provides you with important health facts and messages that serve to motivate you and help you to keep on track.

The mobile app also has a feature that enables you to share all of your achievements and goals with your friends and family via Twitter and Facebook. The Quit Smoking Pro mobile app is available on only the iOS platform and costs just $0.99.


Having trouble securing a doctor’s appointment? The ZocDoc mobile app can help you secure an appointment in three very easy steps.

    1. Enter your zip code.
    2. Scroll through the list of available doctors and the times that they are available.
    3. Select a doctor and complete the booking.

It is possible for you to filter doctors by insurance coverage, date, location or specialty, and there is a simple calendar system that helps you to keep track of all of your appointments. You can also use the app to book dentists.

The ZocDoc mobile app is available on the Android and iOS platforms, and is a totally free mobile app.


The HealthTap mobile app gives you instant answers to any health questions that you might have from qualfiied doctors – all on your Smartphone. The app literally taps into a solid network of top-notch, trustworthy doctors who can answer your questions about medication, medical conditions, symptoms, and every other wellness and health-related topic.

With the HealthTap mobile app, it’s also possible for you to get several opinions from different doctors if you choose to. You can also store all of your health information and share your scans and any other document relating to your health with any doctor of your own choice. The HealthTap mobile app is available on the Android and IOS platforms and it is totally free for all users.

Stress Check Pro

The Stress Check Pro mobile app is very similar to the Instant Heart Rate mobile app. This app also uses the in-built camera of your smartphone to measure your heart rate and pulse, which can go a very long way in the process of monitoring and controlling your stress levels. This app ranks is very highly rated amongst health-related mobile apps.

What the Stress Check Pro mobile app does is to track your stress levels in different situations, giving you an insight into how you can begin managing your stress and start to reduce it over time. The app can also be of help to athletes that are monitoring their recovery times after workouts.

The Stress Check Pro mobile app presents your historical data in a graphical form that is very easy to read and understand. It is available on the Android and iOS platforms and is totally free for all users.


The Fooducate mobile app tracks your calorie intake and diet to help in promoting a healthier lifestyle and also to encourage weight loss. It does this by scanning barcodes in order to present to you an instant analysis of all of the ingredients in the product and grades each of them according to their nutritional value.

The Fooducate mobile app does a lot more than just grade your food, it also suggests healthy alternatives and provides you with a shopping list that is largely based on your favorite stores and food preferences. The Fooducate mobile app is available on the Android and iOS platforms and is totally free for all users.

Lark Up

The Lark Up mobile app is designed to be used with a wristband from Lark that costs about $149. The Lark Up mobile app basically acts as a personal sleep coach. It analyzes and monitors your sleep pattern with the aim of helping you to improve your sleep quality while also maximizing your daytime energy.

What the Lark Up mobile app does is to bring to your attention the quality of your sleep each night compared to the average, and helps to find ways of gettting healthier sleep. Lark Up can help to identify the different factors that affect your rest adversely. The mobile app is available on the Android and iOS platforms and is totally free for all users.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is an app that helps you monitor your food intake. It has a database of food with well over six million entries that provides you with the calorie content of any food that you eat. It’s possible for you to scan the barcodes present on any food item and then enter the food and calorie content into a log.

The app can also be synced with other health-related apps like fitness trackers. It also makes it possible for you to keep a record of your calorie consumption over a very long time. The My Fitness Pal mobile app is available on the Android and IOS platforms and is free for users at a basic level, but if a detailed breakdown for your meals’ fats, protein, carbs and vitamins is desired, the cost is between $10 to $50, largely dependent on how long you want the subscription features to last.


The Pacer mobile app is a step tracker and pedometer that acts as your own fitness coach and  walking buddy. The main aim of this app is to help lower and control your blood pressure by providing you with personalized fitness plans and guided workouts that help you reach all of your fitness goals.

It’s no secret that engaging in physical activity lowers blood pressure – and that’s exactly what the Pacer app tries to do. Regular exercises like a 30-minute daily walk can go a very long way in reducing blood pressure.

If your phone is in your purse, pocket or hand, this app can track and record calories burned, activity duration and distance traveled for a whole day. You can also create your own walking groups comprising of your friends and family to help with motivation.

The Pacer mobile app is available on the Android and iOS platforms and is totally free for all users.