The trend of using dental implants for replacing broken teeth has been a part of the world for centuries. Humans started this technique during 2000 BC with the implementation of carved Bamboo pegs and have come a long way from it.

They moved from bamboo to animal teeth, animal teeth to metal, and a variety of other safe implant materials. Modern dentists have even learned to manufacture teeth from scratch.

However, the development of implants and the procedure didn’t stop with just the manufacturing of teeth or the development of safe methods. Rather, it integrated with modern technology to present ways that are extraordinarily safe, quick, and painless than before.  

The following are some trends that this section of medical science has acquired in recent times. 


Antibacterial Coating

The one risk that prevented many from opting for a dental implant was the risk of infection. The drilling and placement of metal parts left the jaw vulnerable to bacteria attacks. Even the acidic content of the food and beverages possessed a risk for the new implants. 

However, the recent innovation of the anti-bacterial coating has provided an effective solution for it. The new compound is still in the development stage and is not widely available. However, the dentists believe that this is a breakthrough that can enhance the longevity of the implants.

The compound is developed from chemicals that mimic the actual composition of the natural teeth. It can prevent acidic erosion, teeth enamel, and provide many more oral benefits.


Mini Dental Implants

The biggest concern about dental implants is the cost of the surgery. Even the standard medical insurance won’t provide coverage for these implants. Therefore, the medical community always tries to find solutions to cut the cost. This time, their work ended in the innovation of the mini implant.

The new implants are considerably smaller than the usual implants which reduce both its material and placement cost. Under normal conditions, a mini implant will cost you some 1/3 times the price of a standard dental implant.

Moreover, these implants don’t go much deeper that reduce the recovery time and placement time. They are also an excellent choice for patients with small bone space or less bone density.


3D Printing

3d printing machines have been a part of the world for a long time. Numerous industries used it to print plastic and sometimes metal articles. In 2019, this technology has set foot into the dental world. 

The machine can help the dentist to print highly accurate dental models and figure in-house. They can use it for crafting night guards, aligners, crowns, surgical guides, models, and a lot more.

Since the machine eliminates the need for middle man and transportation, they also make the surgery more cost-friendly. Some machines can print over 70 crowns in a single that too, with a material cost of $0.60 each. 


Computer-Aided Implants

Tooth implantation is a work of precision and needs a very high degree of accuracy. Each element, whether it’s the shape of teeth, angle of placement, or the spot of drilling, needs calculation. Moreover, even with the best skills, the loss of crestal bone was unavoidable. The loss of this bone didn’t just cause discomfort, but it also poses the risk of implant failure.

However, the integration of CAD/CAM technology in the dental world is providing a solution to deal with this problem. This technology is helping the dentist create an exact duplicate of the teeth with minimal error. They are not only eliminating the risk factor but are also proving great in terms of time.

Since the implants are manufactured using computers, they are very quick to create.


Some Final Words

Modern medical science knows an alternative for every complication and risk of the dental procedure. The technologies mentioned above are only a very few of the changes that prove the rise of this section. There are a lot of other things that gave developed in recent times.

The implantation procedures are more safe, accurate, and cost-friendly than ever. So the next time you or your loved ones need a replacement tooth, don’t overthink.  

Just call your dentist, book an appointment, and get down with the surgery. You will see how easily you can cover that weird looking window between the teeth.