Many of us are lovers of Amazon shopping. Even if you’re not a regular user of the world’s largest online retailer, you probably will have at some point logged into Amazon just to order a few things you needed. It’s simply a very convenient way of shopping—you can easily get whatever you want with just a few clicks.

A venture out to the mall can seem quite tiring in comparison. With Amazon, you can say your goodbyes to long queues and easily order anything you want in the comfort of your own home—and it won’t take more than four days to reach you.

Despite Amazon being the most popular online market place, only a few people know about the different hacks you can use that allow you to save money when buying goods online. If you didn’t know about these before, then you really have been missing out, so just thank your lucky stars for being directed to the right place here.

In this article, we will be showing you 10 of the best Amazon hacks that will help you to save money. Pick out the ones which best suit your needs, and then who knows? You may even discover your own Amazon hack.

Amazon Prime

This is probably the most popular Amazon hack, yet many are oblivious to it. You stand to benefit a great deal by becoming a member of Amazon Prime. If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime yet, all you have to do is register and you will get a 30-day free trial upon subscription to enjoy the amazing benefits.

First, Amazon Prime members in certain cities are eligible for either free 2-day, 1-day or same day shipping. Are you tired of paying for shipping every time you shop online? If so, then subscribing to Amazon Prime may be the best thing for you. Your order will be shipped within two days or less, right to your doorstep, for free.

What else do you stand to enjoy?

    • Unlimited photo storage
    • Ad-free music and video streaming with Amazon prime
    • Unrestricted access to free books online
    • Flat-rate shipping for your groceries
    • Early access to lightning deals
    • Prime Wardrobe, where you can try on clothes you want to buy before paying for them.
    • Free games every month, along with other benefits of Twitch Turbo
    • Exclusive discounts when you shop at Whole Foods Market

Check these out for yourself and thank us later.

Amazon Store Card

This is another benefit you can enjoy with Amazon Prime exclusive to members. Don’t confuse it with a credit card, it is simply a store card that can be used for Amazon purchases only. The benefit? This store card allows Prime members to get an additional 5% discount on all of their purchases. How amazing is that? This makes shopping on Amazon even more enjoyable every time you use it. The card is also very easy to get. Just set the store card as your default payment method and then, immediately after your next purchase, pay it off so as to avoid high-rate interest fees. At the end of every month, you’ll get a credit statement that you can use on all subsequent purchases.

Linking Amazon Household with Prime

Many Amazon Prime members don’t know that they can actually share the benefits they enjoy from Prime with their partners. All you have to do is link your partner’s account with yours using Amazon Household so that they too can benefit from the array of Amazon Prime benefits.

Use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save

Subscribe and Save allows you to schedule the delivery of items that you need regularly for an instant 5% discount. If you subscribe to more than five products, you save 15%. What’s more? It’s flexible, too. You have the opportunity to cancel or skip deliveries whenever you feel like. Unlike other subscription services, you’ll receive email reminders both before and after your deliveries reminding you if you want to make some changes to your plan.

Amazon Wish Lists

Most people don’t know that the Amazon Wish List section is not only for sharing gift ideas with friends or family—it can also be used to stack up items that may not be presently available on Amazon. Creating wish lists is easy and you can then easily track anything that you put on them. You can customize the name of each list, and choose whether to make it public or private. Once the wish list is created, you can add as many items as you like.

Utilize Money Saving Tools

With money saving tools, you get to purchase items on Amazon at retailer’s prices. You can use the following free money saving tools to track your purchases and save some extra bucks along the way.


Earny is a money saving tool on Amazon that claims your refund for you when the price of a product you have already purchased changes. When you register on Earny, you will be notified and receive a refund for the difference of any price drop on any purchase.


This service is not so well-known, but it is very useful. CamelCamelCamel provides price fluctuation history of Amazon products and helps you to track the prices of the items you’re interested in. When the price of an item you want to purchase reaches your set or preferred amount, they’ll notify you. This is a great tool to use if you want to save your money.

Amazon App

The Amazon app is another platform you can use to track your purchases. In fact, it’s just about the quickest way to be notified of discounted deals so you can jump on them when the opportunity arises. The app has even more benefits for Amazon Prime members.

These three money saving tools will help you to track the prices of items you want, and notify you when they drop.

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

This is for the regular shoppers on Amazon! Rewards card holders receive a 3% discount on all purchases, and an additional 3% discount on all purchases at Whole Foods Market (for Amazon Prime members, this is a further 5%). On top of all this, card holders also get a 2% discount for  restaurant, pharmacy or gas station purchases, with a further 1% discount on several other similar purchases.

Refunds for Late Shipments

Did you know that, as an Amazon Prime member, you are entitled to a refund whenever the shipping of your purchase is late? Amazon prides itself on good customer service, so whenever you’re not satisfied with any of its services, you can call Amazon and they’ll fix you up. You also get reimbursements for genuine complaints relating to any aspect of the products or services received.


Snagshout gives you the opportunity to purchase items at a discounted rate if you just leave a review for those items on Amazon. All you have to do is to register for Snagshout account, then connect this account to your Amazon reviewer profile. You’ll be directed to a number of redeemable discount deals once you’re logged into your account. However, you must provide a minimum of one review within two weeks of receipt of purchased items to continue enjoying this service. This program is another wonderful way of saving cash when shopping on Amazon.

Amazon Outlet

Yes, Amazon actually has a shopping outlet. It’s not the most visible section on Amazon, but once you find it, the deals that save your precious money are there! Amazon Outlet provides a markdown or clearance sale for items that you may want to purchase at discounted prices.