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Pet owners are very much aware of the perks of pet health insurance. It offers your little friend health security so that in times of need, you won’t have to fret over paying the hospital bills for your pet. But before you go on to choose a policy, here are 7 vital questions that you must seek answers to. 

7. What Are the Best Pet Insurance Companies Out There? 

While getting pet insurance, you should always choose a company that holds a good repute in the industry. Opting for unreliable companies would be a big mistake, so don’t tread on that path. In the US, some of the renowned companies are Figo, Pet Assure, Embrace, ASPCA, etc. All you have to do is do a bit of research, and find out which company and which policy works the best for your pet.

6. How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost? 

The cost of pet insurance depends on a wide range of factors, such as the type of coverage, the policy you choose, the type of pet you own, the company, and so on. Starting from as low as $20 per month, pet insurance premiums can soar up to a handsome amount, if you are looking for full coverage.

5. What Is Not Covered Under the Insurance? 

Before getting the insurance, it’s a must that you ask about the exclusions. In most cases, the pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered by pet insurance. Other than that, the majority of the companies refrain from covering pregnancy, spaying, castration, vaccination, grooming, etc. However, these coverages vary, depending on which policy you opt for. 

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4. Are You Allowed to Choose A Vet of Your Choice?

Again, this one depends on the policy that you choose. You can check with your insurance company to see if your preferred vet is included in their list.

3. What Is the Incident Cap? 

In most cases, insurance policies come with an incident cap– a threshold determining the maximum amount of amount that you will receive against the insurance. Before you pick a plan, ask about the limit, to get an idea of how much coverage your pet will receive.

2. When Is the Right Time to Get Pet Insurance? 

The right time to get health insurance for your pet is the time you bring them home. When you insure them from the very beginning, you won’t have to worry about bearing hefty medical costs in case of an emergency, and your furry friend will be well-protected financially.

1. What Does the Pet Insurance Coverage Look Like? 

There are accident-only plans, as well as plans that cover both accidents and illnesses. If you want additional benefits, you can opt for comprehensive coverage.

So these are the 7 vital questions that you must ask your insurance company, and then you can go ahead with one that ticks all of your requirements.

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