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With the rise of the smart era, grabbing a good deal on your cell phone plan is much more convenient nowadays. And if you’re a senior person who requires a simplified cellular mobile plan, you are in luck!

Almost all reputed cellular phone service providers offer specific plans for the elderly, where you can get access to inexpensive services, and friendly assistance from the customer service executives, in case you need any help. T-Mobile, GreatCall, Verizon, Republic Wireless, etc. are some of the big names you can choose from. 

To make it easier for you to pick the right cellular phone plan for yourself, we have picked out the top 3 deals that you simply cannot miss. So, let’s take a look. 

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T-Mobile has come up with a comprehensive mobile package for seniors. With the T-Mobile 55+ plans, all seniors (people above the age of 55) can get access to unlimited Talktime, text, mobile data per month. This one is perfect for the tech-savvies and the binge-watchers, as, with this plan, you can enjoy online streaming services, browse the web, and stay in touch with your friends without putting a load on your pocket. And guess what, the plans start from $27.50 only!

Lively Flip- GreatCall

The mobile phone models from GreatCall are designed uniquely to ensure convenience for seniors. The simple, sleek, and functional design makes them an ideal choice for the elderly. Lively Flip and Jitterberg Smart 2 are the two popular senior models, offering comprehensive plans. The first handset comes with a fee of $99, along with various plan consisting of facilities like calling and texting. The Talktime plan begins at $14.99/ month, with a limit of 200 minutes. However, this one is not a smartphone. 


If you’re a senior looking for an affordable mobile phone plan, Verizon comes to your rescue. With plans starting from $40, you can get unlimited calls, texts, data, and so on. Not just your smartphone, Verizon offers a comprehensive plan for all of your other smart devices. However, the plans are only available at certain locations across the US, so you have to check if your address is included in their covered areas.

So go ahead, and check out all the options these service providers have to offer and pick the right senior cell phone plan for yourself!

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