Access to running hot water is a necessity, especially when there is a drastic drop in the temperature. This little addition to your home keeps you comfy and offers you protection from the ice-cold water while you’re taking a bath or doing the daily chores. 

If you are planning to purchase a water heater, there are certain tips that you must consider. Following these will make sure that the new appliance adds a great deal of value to your life. So, allow us to guide you to the right water heater! 


Tank/ Tankless  

The first step to choosing the right heater is to pick your side in the never-ending battle between tankless and storage tank heaters. The process of installing storage tank water heaters is pretty simple, and the initial cost is less. However, in the long run, tankless water heaters are the most profitable. They not only have a long shelf life but also ensure low energy consumption. Thanks to their convenience and energy efficiency, more and more people are moving towards tankless models nowadays. 



The capacity of the water heater you pick depends on how much water you need at one go. From small-sized ones to large ones, the options are galore. Now all you have to do is decide how much water you need daily, and how many people are there at your house. For a small family of up to 3 people, a 40-gallon heater should suffice. 


Power Source

Water heaters run on various energy sources. When you look around in the market, you will find heaters that use solar power, electricity, geothermal energy, etc. This step will determine the energy cost that you will have to bear, so you must make a wise decision here. To get a fair idea, make a comparison between the various types of energy sources and their cost, and pick the one that allows you to cut down on your utility bills. 

These are some of the major points that will help you in narrowing down one water heater from the plethora of options. So now, you are all set to make an informed decision.