Pets love you unconditionally and bring an abundance of joy to your life. Your pet’s well-being is your responsibility. Just like humans, pets are also prone to ailments and accidents. If you’re worried about the safety of your little friend, you can consider getting pet insurance. It’s a little different from the regular insurances that you deal with. Pet insurance covers the vet expenses of your pet, either complete or partial, depending on the plan. It not only ensures financial security but also allows you to think about your pet’s health without burning a hole in your pocket. 

When Should You Get Pet Insurance? 

The ideal time to get pet insurance is right at the moment you welcome the new member into the family. If you feel that you may not be able to afford the hefty charges of treatments for your new friend, it’s better to opt for insurance. This may seem like an out-of-budget investment, but it comes handy in times of need. 

How Much Does It Cost to Insure Your Pet?

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on the premium, you can pick a plan and a company for insuring your pet. For low rates of premiums, the coverage will be much more narrowed down than a medium or high-range premium. In most cases, pets need more frequent medical assistance when they are old. But you won’t be able to secure pet insurance after it has reached a certain age. So it’s always a good idea to invest in an insurance plan earlier. 

Types of Pet Insurance Coverage 

Just like any other type of insurance, pet insurance also comes with a few types of coverages. Let’s take a look. 


1.Accident Only

The first type of coverage that all pet insurance companies offer is accident-only coverage. This is a good investment, as it protects your pet from unprecedented accidents. Whether it is something as common as wounds due to fighting with other animals, getting scratches, or something urgent like a car accident, this coverage encompasses all injuries caused by an accident. 

However, you should also keep in mind that the insurance won’t take into consideration any disease or issues that have already been there prior to the accident. 

  1. Accident and Illness 

This is a common type of coverage that most of the pet owners opt for. The accident and illness coverage will take care of your pet’s medical expenses, and also for any damages due to accidents. Again, you have to remember that pre-existing diseases will be barred from the coverage. 


  1. Comprehensive Coverage 

Comprehensive coverage will take into account any expenses related to accidents, vet charges, and also regular check-ups for your pet. To keep your pet lively and healthy, it’s necessary that you take proper care of them. Routine visits to the vet will keep all types of health issues in check, and it will also make sure there are no underlying diseases attacking your little friend. 

Things That Are Not Covered Under Pet Insurance 

Ambulance Charges

Chances are, the insurance won’t cover ambulance charges for taking your pet from one hospital to another during treatment. You have to bear this cost on your own. 

Dental Issues

If your pet has any dental problems, it is unlikely that you will receive insurance coverage for that issue. Since dental troubles are very common in animals, these are excluded from coverage. But if you wish to have a specific type of insurance that covers this need, you can research about companies that don’t exclude dental and gum problems from their list. 

Already Existing Medical Conditions 

The company will not pay for the expenses due to a disease that was already there before you insured your pet. 


When your pet becomes pregnant, you may have to bear certain medical expenses. But it will not be reimbursed by pet insurance. 



If there is a need for organ transplantation, it will not come under insurance. Not only is it expensive, but it also involves a lot of risks. And as a result, insurance companies do not cover this under pet insurance. 



If the insurer finds evidence that the pet has become sick, injured, or harmed due to abuse or maltreatment, the company will not pay coverage. 

What Are The Benefits? 

First and foremost, pet insurance provides financial assistance, in case of a crisis. When you have paid for the premiums, you can sleep better at night thinking that you don’t have to break the bank to provide support to your pet during an emergency. 

  • Coverage for All Types of Pets

The best part about pet insurance is that it does not exclude any breed or species of pets. It can be a dog, cat, or anything else, you can get coverage for one and all. 

  • Choose Your Vet on Your Own

Finding the right vet is crucial to keep your pet healthy and happy. When you opt for pet insurance, you will be able to pick a professional of your choice for your pet. 

  • Health First

With insurance by your side, you can invest more time to make sure that your pet is healthy. You will be able to prioritize its health, without compromising on your budget. 

  • Routine Checkups 

A number of pet insurance corporations cover routine medical checkups in their plan. This is a great relief, as you won’t have to spend hefty amounts for visits to the vet anymore. 

  • Proper Treatment

Having insurance allows you to get the right treatment for your pet. Be it a minor injury or a serious surgery, your furry friend will be well-protected from all medical conditions. Moreover, even if there are some additional costs after treatment, you may get coverage for those as well.

  • Refund 

Some pet insurance companies offer reimbursement if your pet passes away, or if it is lost or stolen. 


However, not all companies are the same. The coverages and benefits may vary, depending on the plan and the insurer that you opt for. Use this article as a basic guideline, but don’t forget to check with your pet insurance corporation to know all the nifty details associated with the policy.